Van Window Fitting and Conversions

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Cutting a hole in the side of a vehicle takes a lot of skill and experience and that’s why we have complete confidence in van window fitting and van window conversions. Our aim is to convert your vehicle to the highest standard as our technicians are fully qualified in this field.

With our While You Wait Service, we require a vehicle for only 1.5 hours to install a set of windows before the vehicle can be driven away.  We are able to offer this unique service due to a combination of fitting high quality toughened glass, using the best trims and adhesives available in our industry and operating out of a controlled heated environment.  We are confident that the products we supply and fit for all our van window conversions will fit correctly and be problem free.

Our glass carries the E 43R European safety mark.  This is recognised all over Europe and has the advantage over the British Standard BS857 which again we meet the criteria for.  Our natural green and privacy tinted glass have polycarbonate tints built in to the glass.  We do not apply a tinting film thus offering a product of longevity and being competitive in price.

All glass supplied and fitted is VCA type approved.

We install windows into the following vans

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Transporter T5


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